Friday, May 25, 2012

What's right for me

Yesterday I didn't do much besides dress up and play on the computer. Which is basically all I do (dress up and play on the internet), but it's given way to some really interesting opportunities. So much of what one considered to be a job has changed, for example, going to school to get a marketing degree at this point is kind of silly, sure you learn the basics of marketing (which of course are very important), but the marketing world is changing so quickly now due to social media sites that professors are left in the dust, as well as their students if they don't keep up!

A new career has popped up on my radar that I've taken an interest in, a social media manager/marketer. Which is basically what I do anyway, how perf. would that sort of job be for me? I applied for an internship as a social media marketer earlier this week, I had the interview today and I totally got it! <3 Which means I will be spending even more time on the computer, but actually doing stuff that matters. I've got a very busy week ahead of me.

Now that I know for a fact that I'll be spending a lot of time in front of my computer I need to stay motivated and a way that I've noticed has helped me is by making my bed every morning/tidying and getting ready as if I were going out. I'm really not used to this, usually when I'm at home I'm in pajamas, even if it's on days on end, yup I'm a hottie.

who needs toes anyway?
sweater - kensie girl, dress - meg's, diy collar, heart and lip pins - thrifted

I know sometimes (all the time) my parents get upset because I'm incapable of keeping a real, normal job at like a store in the mall or something, but maybe this is for the best! It's what I love to do and I think I'm pretty good at it. I just downloaded a bunch of courses on online marketing that I'm really excited to dig into over the next few days.

Now I'm going to spend the weekend hunched over a computer eating oreos, perfection!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late To The Party

If you check my tumblr you'll have noticed its pages flooded with bright, cute clothing. Wow okay I was trying to make a point, but that sounds about normal, doesn't it? Anyway, what I'm saying is I've got a polyvore (I've actually had it for 4 years, but wasn't interested in it until now!) and I'm obsessed. I've made something like 10 sets today and there's no stopping me. By the time this (scheduled) post goes up I will have probably made at least another 10 more!

Here are some of my favourite sets that I've made so far.

junk food by dearwind featuring flat shoes

silly by dearwind featuring knee socks

skool sux by dearwind featuring an elastic waist skirt

So if you've been wondering why I haven't gone out/been talking to you/worked on your logo/found a job, this is why.

The way I'm looking at it now, I'm just practising styling, that's kind of like studying, right?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekend Fun!

I had a fun filled time last weekend, I went to two different shows and saw lots of friends and it was beautiful and sunny, I hope the weather lasts all summer this year. However even though I brought my camera along all weekend I pretty much always forgot to take pictures, 95% of the pictures are of Chelsea, which is silly because we don't actually hang out that much! Maybe it's because she's the only one comfortable around a camera, or maybe because she's so photogenic!

Thursday night my friend's band Aardvark Robinson played their biggest show yet at a club on Granville St. which was pretty weird/awesome. Prior to the show we hit it up under-aged style and drank alcohol out of slurpee cups in a park.

We ended up forgetting to take pictures of our outfits until we were properly drunk and in the bathroom, of course.

everything thrifted

I smoked too many cigarettes and said something really brainless and dumb to a girl I had just met. Oops. Even though Granville St. if full of stupid clubs full of stupid kids, there's basically a pizza place on every street corner. So that's a plus.

Saturday was a change of pace, from tacky Granville St. on Thursday night, Saturday night was a party/house-show in East Van! I didn't know many people there, but I had fun, the bands were good and there was food and funny things on the wall like a life-size Xena poster (however all the shots I got of it were super blurry, sorry folks)!

I started off the early even right with a novelty sized bottle of Corona, hehe.

I picked up some samosas for the party, but I failed at blogging and didn't get any photos of them. However I did get some pictures of my outfit and more pictures of the beer!

hat and boots - thrifted, shorts - borrowed from paige. top - made by my grandma for my mom

Someone brought a fruit tray to a house show, how thoughtful. Here's Chelsea chowing down on some complimentary melon!

I hope there are many more totally awesome/beautiful weekends to come this summer!