Saturday, March 2, 2013


Boy do I ever look moody today, I've been waiting for people to get up for almost 3 hrs now. I'm going to see a few different bands tonight. I have to make the most of my Saturday because I was sick yetserday. So I started working on a song and made a new blog post and now I'm basically chain smoking waiting for the day to begin.

button up shirt - h&m, vest - DIY, sweater - h&m, jeans - from paige, creepers - demonia, twin peaks patch - gift from jody


About 2 months ago my friend Christa approached me about putting an event on at this new venue she's helping out with, of course I said yes because hello that would be so much fun. We got into talking and figured it should have something to do with girl-guts and how our focus is shifting more on local and music things, plus we decided for Valentine's Day and GG just suits the mood so well.

I kinda blurted on the phone while we were talking that I wanted my band to play, what I neglected to mention was I didn't actually have a band.

So I got together some friends and practiced a lot and we did our very first show earlier this month!

In the end we got shut down by the cops right after our set and missed out on all the other great bands. And since I was putting the show together I lost about $200 in alcohol sales, even though it was supposed to be a fundraiser. We ended the night with all the alcohol that needed to be finished.