Saturday, March 2, 2013


Boy do I ever look moody today, I've been waiting for people to get up for almost 3 hrs now. I'm going to see a few different bands tonight. I have to make the most of my Saturday because I was sick yetserday. So I started working on a song and made a new blog post and now I'm basically chain smoking waiting for the day to begin.

button up shirt - h&m, vest - DIY, sweater - h&m, jeans - from paige, creepers - demonia, twin peaks patch - gift from jody


  1. i ADORE your style. i'm one for soft pastels and floral prints, but it's wonderful to dress in something a little edgier from time to time. perfect. ♡

  2. I'm mad jealous of your burger pin, oh man. werk it!