Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekend Fun!

I had a fun filled time last weekend, I went to two different shows and saw lots of friends and it was beautiful and sunny, I hope the weather lasts all summer this year. However even though I brought my camera along all weekend I pretty much always forgot to take pictures, 95% of the pictures are of Chelsea, which is silly because we don't actually hang out that much! Maybe it's because she's the only one comfortable around a camera, or maybe because she's so photogenic!

Thursday night my friend's band Aardvark Robinson played their biggest show yet at a club on Granville St. which was pretty weird/awesome. Prior to the show we hit it up under-aged style and drank alcohol out of slurpee cups in a park.

We ended up forgetting to take pictures of our outfits until we were properly drunk and in the bathroom, of course.

everything thrifted

I smoked too many cigarettes and said something really brainless and dumb to a girl I had just met. Oops. Even though Granville St. if full of stupid clubs full of stupid kids, there's basically a pizza place on every street corner. So that's a plus.

Saturday was a change of pace, from tacky Granville St. on Thursday night, Saturday night was a party/house-show in East Van! I didn't know many people there, but I had fun, the bands were good and there was food and funny things on the wall like a life-size Xena poster (however all the shots I got of it were super blurry, sorry folks)!

I started off the early even right with a novelty sized bottle of Corona, hehe.

I picked up some samosas for the party, but I failed at blogging and didn't get any photos of them. However I did get some pictures of my outfit and more pictures of the beer!

hat and boots - thrifted, shorts - borrowed from paige. top - made by my grandma for my mom

Someone brought a fruit tray to a house show, how thoughtful. Here's Chelsea chowing down on some complimentary melon!

I hope there are many more totally awesome/beautiful weekends to come this summer!


  1. I don't know what looks better; you or that pizza. Being a babe as always!