Friday, April 20, 2012

Tumblr Friend Appreciation Day

So apparently yesterday was tumblr friend appreciation day, due to the insane amount of tumblr friend things I was wearing. Mostly I just got a ton of shit in the mail over the past few days, so exciting!

Disaster Life t-shirt, yippywhippy tote, DIY detachable collar dedicated to ari, thrifted skirt

various pins from goodstuffonly, kittencreamery, yippywhippy, etsy, daiso, the aquarium, hunx show, etc.

I also received a super cute super awesome leather hair bow from good stuff only, that I'm wearing here!

Happy 4/20 dudes ~*~*~


  1. mmmm, I really like your pins and that t-shirt art is great. Also that tote bag is really cute! Everything is cool cool