Friday, November 2, 2012

Ghouls and Ghosts

Halloween was the best! I loved every minute of the week, minus when I was working. I suck at bringing my camera out, plus I lost my flash so I relied on other people to take pictures and shitty webcam pix.

Friday Jody and I worked on my costume all day, but it wasn't ready for the night so I quickly threw on a bunch of black stuff and went as a goth. Pathetic, I know. I had on a giant black tinsel spiderweb, it looked like I was black Christmas. Met up with friends to go to 360 Glen, a night of covers of course! The Minutemen, David Bowie, B-52's (!!!), and a lot more but we had to leave half way through the B-52's set sadly. Seriously so sad about missing my favourite (cover) band, but the thing didn't start till 1, and people gotta sleep/work.

Saturday night was the big night. We finally finished my costume, and Jody's. We headed over to a house show for more cover bands!! I got super intoxicated and only remember Peaches and Britney Spears covers, then ending up at another party across the street.

Everyone thought I was a unicorn, or Nicki Minaj, or Katy fucking Perry. I was cotton candy, goddamnit!

Notice the mess of skeleton and fluff stuff we left around Jody's place, pretty sure it still hasn't been cleaned up. Oops.

Once I'd gotten completely inebriated the wig had a hard time staying up, plus it was pouring rain so my cone that I worked so hard on had completely folded over and I ended up looking more like a pink smurf.

Sunday and Monday I stayed home and recovered. Then Tuesday I was back out there! I hadn't thought much about costumes for the actual week of Halloween, so I quickly whipped up a Heather Chandler costume for a show at The Astoria on Tuesday.

I couldn't find any corn nuts.

That costume was fun, but no one knew who I was. Sadly I'm used to this.

Wednesday night I had work and didn't plan my costume before I went to work so I used what I had at work to make a Laura Palmer costume. I think I slay costumes on the go.


  1. Omg perfect costumes but I am especially dyingggg over that cotton candy one! ADORABLE

  2. i was an alien and some little girl thought i was katy perry, too, wtf u_u you are the cutest cotton candy around, i wanna gobble you up! super sweet super pink!

  3. I love the cotton candy costume,so adorable!!!!