Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Disconnect From You

I've had a busy couple of months, what with moving and a new job, I've had little time to spend with my loved ones. I hate to admit this but I hadn't seen Carmelle in a month. She's been working two jobs and just started school again so it's been hard to find time to spend together. We've both been feeling very alone lately and have been fighting because of it. We knew come September, we wouldn't be seeing each other very much, but we had no idea how hard we'd take it.

On Friday we finally were able to actually meet up and spend the day together. I was late (as usual), and it started raining as we met up so we decided to get some lunch at Sorry Babushka's. Its an alright breakfast place, I was highly peeved that they ran out of hollandaise sauce, I really wanted eggs benny. Instead I got a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, it was nothing to write home about.

Carmelle's happy veggie burger

After lunch we walked around Commercial Drive, checked out the book store where Carmelle bought me one of my birthday presents (the third in C. S. Lewis' sci-fi trilogy), which she's wrapping up and not letting me read until my birthday. I picked out it out, I'm annoyed!

We decided to head over to Prado Cafe, since it was raining and we hadn't made any real plans for the day. I got a mocha with beautiful latte art on the top and Carmelle just got a black drip coffee.

I'm not sure why I look like such a weird baby in this picture, why do I do that face? Carmelle was telling me that her brother has a similar pin to my 'V'one, apparently there are victory pins that look like that that were made for WWii veterans. My mom gave me mine for my 8th birthday, it's probably the one piece of my own jewellery that I've kept for that long (almost 13 years!!).

t-shirt - disasterlife, sweater - marino wool, skirt - forever21, doc martens - thrifted, marc by marc jacobs purse - aritzia