Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange 9 to 9

I finally got my camera back yesterday from Paige! She came over to my new house last night, we went for a swim in the pool, watched Sex and the City, ate some birthday cake and shortly after fell asleep.This morning we woke up nice and early to go down to the states.

After moving I realized how much unnecessary clothing I have and decided to get rid of it. Instead of just giving it away to Value Village or something like that I decided this time I'd try and sell some of it first. So I packed up two industrial drum sized garbage bags, threw 'em in the car, and headed down to Buffalo Exchange in Bellingham.

In my opinion the girl doing the buying didn't have very good taste, I hand picked everything from my closet, knowing it'd sell well at a store like hers, but she'd never even bought a vintage dress before. I had three vintage 1960's dresses that she rejected, what the fuck. I ended up making about $60 from what she did end up buying. I found a mustard Lacoste polo there and that's about it.

So my oma, Paige, and I headed over to Forever 21 and I bought a bunch of cute socks and tights instead, plus a couple skirts, a sweater, and a pair of earrings. Also at Costco we found Nausicaa (my favourite Hayao Miyazaki film) for me, and The Lorax for my sister.

Every time I go to the states I have to go to Jack in the Box, it's seriously the best!! Mostly because we don't have it in Canada. It was funny trying to watch my oma eat a burger there, she kept complaining about how big it was.

Also how freaking funny is it that Costco sells Kirkland brand alcohol? A 40 of vodka is only $25 or something?! I love America.

collar - from my oma, shirt - thrifted, skit - forever 21, socks and shoes - can't remember


  1. your oma is co cute! i can see where you get yr good looks from! also wow that girl doesn't know anything i will take yr vintage dresses except i have no money but i totally would. i need to clean out my closet, too, although i have nothing of interest in there. i've never seen that miyazaki film yet! and it's yr favorite so it must be good, i have to get on that. annnnnnd yes the usa is gr8 move here pls and hang out with me ;_;

  2. ew the people that work at buffalo exchange usually have the worst taste. or maybe it's not their fault and the people that shop there have bad taste.

    1. speaking as someone who has worked at buffalo exchange for over 2 years, we do not have bad taste. my taste is flawless. but we are not buying for ourselves. we buy for customers - because it's a business, duh! but it is really heartbreaking to have to pass on great stuff like that when you yourself are into it

  3. I love this outfit! Great purchases, as well :)

  4. aww super cute outfit ❤ __ ❤

  5. Your purchases are so amazing! ESPECIALLY THOSE SOCKS ERGH. I went to Forever 21 and saw the plaid skirt, which is way cool. -Britney