Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Burger Pin

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a good burger. Kitschy jewellery comes up a close second, and third is probably pizza. On Sunday I went for a burger with my mom and sister at our local White Spot, which isn't a racial hang-out slang term, it's a BC grown restaurant chain. They specialize in tasty burgz with their very secret 'Triple O' sauce, it's hella hard to resist!

I got the BC (which only about a year ago I realized stands for 'bacon and cheese', not British Columbia) burger!

After White Spot we went to the dollar store where I found a bunch of awesome stuff including blush, sparkly pom-poms, a hecka lot of sweethearts on sale, and earring backings. I took pictures of my purchases, but they turned out kind of crap so I decided to forgo posting them. I also went to Talize and picked up even more awesome stuff, I think I'll save that for another post though.

Anyway, the point of this post was to discuss burgers. I've been holding onto this burger eraser I bought from Daiso, you know those Japanese erasers that come in pieces that fit together and are usually in the shape of food? I've got about 8 different sushi erasers, western food is much harder to find, unless of course it's desserts, which are a plenty. The first time I bought these particular Japanese erasers (which I've found out are only made in two factories in Japan, so if they're not from the Japan then they're just cheap imitations, pfft) I found them at Toys 'R' Us for about $3 CAD. They're cheaper by a dollar at Daiso, but Daiso hasn't taken over North America like it has Asia already. Just wait, kids. Wow, I'm seriously getting side-tracked, point is I decided I wanted to use the burger eraser as jewellery, mostly I wanted to make a ring out of it, but I didn't feel like going to a craft shop and opted instead to just go to the dollar store where they only had earring backings. So I made a pin out of it for my jean vest. Easiest fucking tutorial in the world, but I felt like making one anyway!

What you'll need: 
  • a glue gun
  • pin backing (or earring backing if you're lazy like me)
  • burger eraser!

Step 1: add some glue, Step 2: add the backing, Step 3: wear! Am I going too fast for you?

Mostly I used this as an excuse to show off my new burger pin, it's pretty great isn't it?

Look at how sad my jean vest is though. I bought some Adam West Batman pins off Etsy a few weeks back, I'm hoping they'll get here soon. Also while I had the glue gun out I decided to make a glittery pom-pom pin as well, again I wanted to make a ring of it, I should really check around to see if I can find some cheap ring backings.

vest - wal-mart and DIY'd, no age shirt - no age concert, yellow button up - thrifted, various pins - Daiso, KittenCreamery, DIY'd (duh), and the hair clips belong to my sister

Please don't ask me what's going on with my hair, I don't know either. 


  1. aw, cute blog.. and yes I also LOVE burgers and fries... aaah. There's a place here called Lord of the Fries that is SO good!! and the best part is, it's 100% vegetarian, which is great for vegetarians like me. The burger pin you made is nice xD

  2. Omgg Victoria, this is so clever and adorable! I absolutely love Japanese erasers and am now very tempted to make some myself :33

  3. fucking lovely and easy way of recycle :)! follow you

  4. Cute pin, I am so going to do this with my doughnut eraser!

  5. I love the burger pin, great job!

  6. I'm a vegetarian, but I will be trying this out for suuuure. Here in Los Angeles, there's a tiny little section of the city called Little Tokyo and they stock the most amazing Japanese toys and little knick-knacks, including erasers! I feel like taking the bus right now to Little Tokyo, buying a few erasers, and eating ice cream by myself (as per usual). Woo!