Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lime Dream

I've been sitting (figuratively) on these photos for a while now, I was going to make a post about my recent purchases, but they aren't all that attractive together, so I'd rather not take the time to put them together in a post. I'll just show you the ones that are most cohesive!

vest - wal-mart and DIY, creepers - jeffrey campbell, everything else thrifted

I wore this to Ikea with my mum and sister. My sister needed a new lamp and I felt like eating ikea meatballs. Have you tried their Princess Cake? It is so delicious!

green ring - found in my childhood jewellery box, rose ring - the barefoot contessa, heart ring - gift from tessa, apple ring - H&M

I took these photos before I looked in  the mail and saw that there was a package for me! Look what was inside!

Beautiful Barbarella and Batman pins. So cheap, so good, so happy! They took forever in the mail, although they came all the way from the east so I guess sometimes that happens.

I also bought this toy gun at Talize. It's broken, but that doesn't matter, I'll just be using it as prop for a shoot anyway.


  1. Aha, loving the toy gun! I want to buy some toy food so I can make little videos and other such things with it ^_^ Awesome outfit by the way!

  2. Ah! I've been drooling over the mint creepers. Do want.
    You are so precious!