Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Introduction

Seeing as I've been on tumblr for a year or so now and I've just made a personal milestone in followers over there, I've decided to (after years of failed attempts) start a real blog. Although I'll never stop learning and trying new things, I feel I've gotten comfortable now with my internet presence that this attempt will (hopefully) be the final one. So uh, hello world, again.

top and sweater - thrifted, skirt - forever 21, creepers - demonia, necklace - aldo (gift)

Thought I'd start off on a sweet note, with my Valentine's day garb. Seeing as the name of my blog suggests that I'm "nobody's baby" I spent the day with my family, we ate pizza, donuts, and lots and lots of chocolate. At one point my three year old sister decided she didn't want to eat any more chocolate, but she would continue to unwrap it all, just for fun.


  1. I'mma just going to comment on this post as well ^_~ Your Valentine's Day sounds great (minus the fact your pizza wasn't in a heart shape), and your sister sounds ADORABLE :D